Fuel The Algorithm Facebook™ Advertising Guide

Fuel The Algorithm Facebook™ Advertising Guide

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If you're not getting the results and profits you deserve with Facebook™ ads you're doing something wrong, it's as simple as that. And If you don't fix what you're doing now you'll end up losing tons of money, I guarantee it.


In this no fluff, no filler, 39-page value packed guide you'll learn how to effectively test and scale Facebook™ and Instagram™ ads that leverage the Facebook™ algorithm (even after recent iOS updates) so you can generate more profits consistently, over long periods of time, without wasting hours a day in your ad account.





 When you're finished you'll have... 


  A complete understanding of Facebook™ advertising from theory to practice and the principles that can take you from $0 - 1 million in a year.


  A simplified and systematic way to test creatives and test audiences so you can find market opportunities that result in massive profits for your business.


  The exact process for structuring and growing ABO (Adset Budget Optimized) and CBO (Campaign Budget Optimized) campaigns so you can create consistent daily profits on autopilot.


  Complete top, middle, and bottom of funnel mastery.


  Over 12 years of marketing and advertising insights and knowledge. Plus battle tested growth models from spending millions of dollars on Facebook™ ads across multiple industries.


Remember, these are the exact systems responsible for millions of dollars in sales across multiple industries.


We made this INCREDIBLY affordable so it's absolute no-brainer for you. And to be honest, if you're on the fence about spending just $9 on your business, then Facebook™ advertising in general might not be a good fit for you.


If you want to get more sales and profits with Facebook™ and Instagram™ advertising all while doing less this guide is for you.



About the author

Quintin Ford is the co-founder of knw media and (command traffic). Since 2009 he has helped multi-million dollar companies develop effective marketing strategies online. Through private coaching and informative products knw media has helped over 9000 entrepreneurs word-wide grow their businesses.