Add To Cart Secret + 8 Essential Shopify™ Optimizations Mini Course

Add To Cart Secret + 8 Essential Shopify™ Optimizations Mini Course

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Shopify's factory settings for your "Add to Cart" and "Buy Now" buttons are NOT helping you convert your traffic into sales.


If you haven't customized your settings on Shopify, then you are missing out on sales every single day. And if you're paying for traffic, then you're losing money by letting conversions slip through the crack.


The "Add to Cart Secret" is going to teach you:


✅ How to change some default settings in Shopify to make your Add To Cart button incredibly powerful, so you can convert more customers and make higher value sales. 

✅ How to turn missed sales opportunities into high paying customers.

✅ How to get your web visitors to buy more products from you right off the bat.

✅ How to set this all up in just a few minutes and never have to worry about it again.

Just to be totally clear about what this product is... this is just one 27 minute video that's going to teach you exactly what to do to manipulate your Shopify settings to convert more of your traffic into sales, and to get higher purchase values from your customers. 


And the best part is, all you have to do is take a few minutes to make this simple change, and you'll never have to touch it again. 


Plus you're also getting our additional course


"8 Essential Shopify Store Optimizations" 


Here are just some of the 8 secrets you’ll learn in this optional bonus.


✅ The simplest way to increase conversion by making sure your customers can purchase instantly anywhere.

✅ The amazing add on that increases conversions up to 20%

✅ The secret formula for a high converting verbiage on your product page. This is one of the best kept secrets to date.

✅ How to get people to buy more even after they’ve finished checking out.

✅ The best way to set up your Shopify checkout options for maximum conversions and ease of use.

✅ The hidden Facebook Pixel optimization most advertisers don’t turn on.

✅ How to turn off one major thing that is destroying your conversions and sales. 



A few other details about your purchase:


✅ Instant email delivery of the “Add To Cart Secret” so you can make these changes immediately.

✅ Unlimited email support for any of your questions.

✅ Access to our private Facebook™ Group where we share tips like these on the daily!

✅ 8 Essential Shopify Store Optimizations.