Social Media Now And Forever Video Course

Social Media Now And Forever Video Course

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There are some core social media concepts that apply to almost every social media network and will apply to any network that comes out in the future. Understanding these concepts will give you a timeless competitive advantage.


In this extensive video course you'll find... 


  • The truth about social media
  • Do you know what social media really is
  • How social media works vs real life
  • Who are you
  • Who is your audience
  • What are you trying to do
  • Getting set up for success
  • Creating your brand identifiers
  • Grabbing attention with your bios
  • Website links
  • Your image is everything
  • Adding to your image
  • Being thorough across all profiles
  • Activity generates business
  • Introduction to content
  • Writing is as strong as ever
  • Video is the future of content
  • Who is listening to you
  • The power of live content
  • How much content should you produce
  • How you win with content
  • Content splitting and distribution
  • Putting yourself on the map
  • Finding your audience
  • Becoming part of a community
  • Messaging and outreach
  • Including others in your social media
  • Real-life is important
  • Posts that get massive engagement
  • Are you asking the right questions
  • Give them answers
  • Storytelling
  • Value-driven posts
  • Update posts
  • Making money to post



About the Author


Quintin Ford, the co-founder of knw media, has been working in online marketing since 2009. Over his career, he has developed marketing strategies for multimillion-dollar companies, startups, and individual entrepreneurs. He has hosted over 50 in-person events across the country and spoken on stage at one of the most prestigious business conferences in the world.



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