Fuel The Algorithm Instagram ™ & Facebook™ Advertising Course

Fuel The Algorithm Instagram ™ & Facebook™ Advertising Course

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In this value packed digital course you'll get step-by-step video tutorials on Instagram™ & Facebook™ advertising - everything from setup, to testing methods, various scaling structures, campaign optimizations, ad copy and creative, TMB strategies and much more. If you really want to take your ads and profits to the next level, this course is for you.


➡ You'll receive instant access to our student portal email address immediately after your purchase. (make sure you use the right email upon signup)


➡ It's laid out so you can easily jump from section to section and quickly reference the things that are most important to you, whenever you need them. (this is not a long drawn out course, it's meant to help you get results fast)


➡ And you'll have the opportunity to join our private Facebook™ Group which is filled with weekly content drops and a community of Facebook™ advertisers who are eager to help each other.


Here's what's inside...


✅ Facebook™ Ads overview featuring principles, strategy, and big picture ideas so you can build from a solid foundation.


✅ ​How to structure your Facebook™ business manager, ad account, dashboard, pixel and campaigns so your account is setup for success (miss these crucial steps and nothing will work).


✅ The complete process for testing creatives and testing audiences so you identify winners and move them into profitable campaigns fast.


✅ Understanding how to analyze data (don't let this scare you, it's much easier than it sounds) so you can make sense of your results and eliminate things that will never work.


✅ How to optimize your adsets for growth and stability with audience inclusions and exclusions, and choosing the proper attribution windows.


✅ Moving winning ads and audiences into new campaigns. And how to choose CBO (Campaign Budget Optimized) or ABO (Adset Budget Optimized) campaigns depending on your goals.


✅ Using proper structures for ABO (Adset Budget Optimized Campaigns) so you don't waste time and money on the wrong structure.


✅ ​A deep dive into CBO campaigns (Campaign Budget Optimized) and the requirements for long lasting growth and scalability.


✅ A bulletproof method of retargeting prospects so you can maximize your conversions.


✅ The complete start to finish Facebook campaign structure with top, middle, and bottom of funnels campaigns, that produce more customers and sales than you can handle.


 When you're finished you'll have... 


 A complete understanding of Facebook™ advertising from theory to practice and the principles that can take you from $0 - 1 million in a year.


 A simplified and systematic way to test creatives and test audiences so you can find market opportunities that result in massive profits for your business.


 The exact process for structuring and growing ABO (Adset Budget Optimized) and CBO (Campaign Budget Optimized) campaigns so you can create consistent daily profits on autopilot.


 Complete top, middle, and bottom of funnel mastery.


 Over 12 years of marketing and advertising insights and knowledge. Plus battle tested growth models from spending millions of dollars on Facebook™ ads across multiple industries.


Remember, these are the exact systems responsible for millions of dollars in sales across multiple industries.


We made this INCREDIBLY affordable so it's absolute no-brainer for you. And to be honest, if you're on the fence about spending just $197 on your business, then Facebook™ advertising in general might not be a good fit for you.


About the author

Quintin Ford is the co-founder of knw media and (command traffic). Since 2009 he has helped multi-million dollar companies develop effective marketing strategies online.

Through private coaching and informative products knw media has helped over 5000 entrepreneurs word-wide grow their businesses.



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